King Prawn

for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Starts with a tank, a couple of baby prawns, and $50 in your pocket, you startup the dream of running a prawn-farming business.


Watch your prawns grow. Look at the “hungry index” at their tails. Feed them well or they will starve!


When they reach the maturity size, watch for a good price and sell them at Prawn Market. However, if you want to sell your prawns in even high prices, you need to raise “King Prawns”, the rarest species. They exist in nature but hard to find. Once found, use the net to put them together. They will give King Prawn babies.


The Tool Store is the best place to spend your hard-earned money. A second tank and a prawn net is your must-buy. Bottle of prawn fries and algae are frequently-bought items. Look for the King’s Award and the Prawn Club Honorary Membership!


“Hmm…, one day, I’ll raise a full tank of King Prawns.”

Never give up your dream! Go. For. It.
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