Gold Mining

There are 10 famous gold mines in the world, plus 2 you probably have never heard of.

goldmining_screen_21. Super Pit Gold Mine
2. Lihir Gold Mine

3. Lagunas Norte Gold Mine

4. Valadero Gold Mine

5. Cortez Gold Mine

6. Goldstrike Gold Mine

7. Yanacocha Gold Mine

8. Carlin-Nevada Gold Mine

9. Muruntau Gold Mine
10. Grasberg Gold Mine


Starting with no money, you went to mine Super Pit to try your luck. You worked very hard by digging the rocks and let the golds drop.


The gold market went crazy. Gold price can go up to $2000 per ounce, or go down to $200. You never know. But each time you finished working with a mine, you would trade the gold for money, in order to get more money to pay the entry fee of more challenging mines, even the legendary mine Solomon.


Your tool is your hands. At each mine, match and crush the same number stones in order to create rooms for the golds to drop down to the conveyor at the bottom. You have only 60 seconds to explore a mine. Once finished with a mine, you have 30 seconds to trade your golds. There are only 15 price ticks — so grasp the opportunity!


By the end of the 10th mines, the money you have got will be posted to the World Gold Miners record in the Game Center.


See you there!

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