Blue Pilot

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“The premise of Blue Pilot is fun, once the back story is known, and will probably appeal to many young kids. There is some logic and strategy involved, too—which direction should I go to get to the next object before the competitor? Is there a way to outsmart the Wind Riders in the Frost River? Can all three of the dragonflies work together to provide good defense?” Read the full review and watch the demo video from


Fly, fly, fly!
The rain brings life.
Quietly, Bluetail is born by the pond. Winds carry him high up in the sky for a fantastic view above Dragonfly Kingdom, a kingdom full of challenging flying contests. He has a dream, a dream to become the greatest pilot.
Explore the Kingdom, beginning with the easier games. Earn coins and experience as much as you can, in order to prepare yourself for the more challenging contests. Along your journey, you will surely run into some of the tough guys, like Yellow Wings, Spottys and the Flames, just to name a few. Some contests require a team, and you will need to convince the brothers in the Flying Club to join you! Are you ready?



Green Shirts
There are lots of Green Shirt mosquitoes in Sam’s Garden, due to the abandoned fountain. They are small, but not slow!

60km/h speed. Dandelion Valley is their home. They play really hard at full speed!



Main Characters
Born in a small pond with great ambition. Carried by a strong wind high up above the sky of the Dragonfly Kingdom, he is determined to organize a great flying team, to win the flying contests and challenge Black Shadow, thus becoming the fastest dragonfly in history.

Blue Brothers
There are seven Blue Brothers in the Flying Club, each with a “7” printed on his back. They are the ones Bluetail wants to recruit to the team. They are a bit arrogant by nature, and the only way that one of them will follow you is if you are able to catch all of them in the contest.

Yellow Wings
50km/h speed. Wide-angle sight. Living in the Floating Stones. Your first real challenge.

The Flames
80km/h. It is really difficult to catch them alone in Flame Park. You’ve got to find a Blue Brother partner in order to be able to win this contest, and you must use strategy!

Wind Riders
Oh, they fly like the wind at 90km! You will find them in Frost River. Freeze them all and don’t let any of them get away.

Frost River is the home of Wind Riders
Black Shadows
They fly at the ultimate speed you want to beat — 100km. Black Shadows are anti-social and you can only find them in caves. If you have not been trained at Star University, don’t waste your time challenging them.

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