Apostle Code

for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Allow us to challenge you with this puzzle game — the Apostle Code.

apostlecode_screenIn a 100×100 square puzzle, there hides 12 Apostles and 7 liars.

Click the squares one-by-one until all Apostles are revealed, with as few steps as you can.

The Apostles are represented by colour alphabets.

A grey digit indicates how many Apostles are surrounding that square. Let us call it a hint. A hint may or may not be a lie, however, you do not know that in the beginning.

Once more squares are revealed and with enough evidence, the “liars” will automatically turn into black color. Similarly, the “truth” will turn into white color.

A score of 60+ is considered a good score, 70+ is good, 80+ is excellent.

We do not believe anybody can get 90+, but you can challenge us.


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for iPhone and iPod touch:icon