Ant’s Village is Not a Game

for iPhone, iPod Touch

When I was a kid, watching ants gave me a lot of fun. It was amazing to see how these small creatures talk to each other, find food to bring home. Sometimes, I would move their food away, seeing which smart ant could find it first.


We first developed Ant’s Village on iPhone. People like it. But I thought Ant’s Village is best for iPad. There is no complicated rule nor time limit. The ants will come out from the nest crawling on your drawing pad. Draw whatever you like with the pen and they will never cross your lines. If you draw with the “scent pen”, the ants will be attracted to the scent line once they get close to it.

antsvillagescreen-2The ants will get hungry. So give them food and let them take away. They will tell their family members so more ants will come.


Why not draw a fast food restaurant filled with berries and leaves, and build a super highway to the restaurant? Or, draw a maze, and let you and your kids pick an ant and drag it to the maze, and see which one come out first?


Ant’s Village is not really a game. It is a tool that let your kids imagine and create. We hope this simple tool will bring you and your family joyful moments.


Game Architect

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