8xplosion is a numeric strategy game.
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How to Play


On a board of numbers, tap a number having one or more adjacent numbers adding up to 8, to form an explosion (i.e. ‘8xplosion’).


‘8xplosions’ are identified by 1x, 2x, etc. Adjacent ‘8xplosions’ can be merged into a bigger ‘8xplosion’. The ultimate size is 12x. The bigger the size, the more powerful the ‘8xplosion’ is and the wider the area of near numbers can be bombed.




Most importantly, bomb the ‘stars’ and watch them fly up in the air. Once all stars are released, you will get an level up. If you cannot released all the stars within 200 steps, or if there is no further move you can make, the game becomes a ‘stalemate’ and will start over.

Theme Behind the Game

The numbers represent your thoughts. Some thoughts combined together form a will, represented by the ‘8xplosion’. With enough will power, you could realise your dreams (i.e. the ‘stars’). A dream realised is no longer a dream, because it is a fact or an achievement. Completing a level means you achieved a certain stage in your life, and you are getting ready for bigger dreams — personal, family, or your country.

8xplosion HD supports Game Center. It is not so easy to complete all 25 levels. Do challenge your friends!

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