Bee Farming China

Seeing global honey prices at record highs, you decide to stain the bee farming.

Chance to visit Hong Kong, found in Fanling beekeeping industry is doing well, “this is a good place to start! “You sold all possessions and took a group of bees establish a Kingdom here.


Success except hard work, opportunity is absolutely important. Every day you look at honey price movement of a stock exchange in Shanghai, sure sell honey.


“Hundred and ten Yuan a kilo a kilo is far worse!” who do not know.
Earn money, go to beekeepers supermarket walk. More colony has been replaced.


“Give me 35 hectares of the hive! “True pride.


Magazine says China’s vast land and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, better honey, is across the country. However, into the honey to pay operating costs. Moreover, the rich region is also the most dangerous.

“Never heard of legend seven bees do? “The Bazaar who asked.

Entrepreneurs shed blood for you, hoping against all odds! You are committed to growing the team, let your guard bees to Fujian guard bees strictly trained in martial arts Academy, was promoted to the more refined soldier bees, marching to the hard honey … …

Never give up on your dreams, Bee Farming China!

The game features
1) delicate drawings, each level has been carefully orchestrated.
2) play simple but rich, lets you play play, setting different policy, dare to challenge limit.
3) rhythm closely, one out of every seven or 14 rounds, completed over Game Center King of the Beekeeper’s throne.

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Game rules
1) at the beginning, you have 3 mining bees.
2) by directing them to find flowers, you will get a lot of honey.
3) waiting for good prices, in Exchange to sell honey, you can earn play money.
4) game, go to the supermarket, upgrading your colony!
5) some honey has natural enemies, and a few guard bees is indispensable.
6) don’t forget to reserve games to move into the higher-priced, more abundant and more dangerous honey!

Swarm preparation
Colony divided into the honey bee and the guard bees. Honey bee does not fight, guard bees no honey.

* * * Bees * * *

Honee: “I was the youngest, cutest, bearing 5 pounds of honey. 」
Mikee: “my name is the most beautiful and can carry 20 kg of honey! 」
Harves: “I fly fast, contains much 100 pounds of honey, no problem! 」
Lovee: “love love mining mining, 200 pounds of honey easily! 」
Joyee: “look at my body knew a man! 300 pounds of honey hahaha! 」
Happee: “with the blessed bee, honey, how easy! 500 pounds, 500 pounds! 」
Jumbee: “I’m the strongest! Heavy honey, fly fly! 」

* * * Guardians * * *

Guardian: “don’t touch our children! 」
Super guardian: “I fly faster, is the black bee Buster!”
Royal guardian: “several Fujian martial arts school? Honest, brave and strong! 」
Strong royal guardian: “after eating nectar Changbai mountain ginseng, Qi Li bee I was seven seconds K.O.! 」