Bee Farming

for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

What Other People Say About Bee Farming?
” Educational Benefits of Bee Farming:
– Teaches entrepreneurship & how to run a business
– Teaches care and management of your bees
– Strategic thinking
– Conceptualise real world cause & effect
– Learn creative thinking to get your hive to flourish …”

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Game Center Top Farmers
Top 10 on 2013-4-1. Top Score is 16,570,460.
Don’t know how they did it. It’s amazing!

The Bee Farming Story
You start up a bee farming business with only a swarm of bees and $100 cash.
Every bee-week, you will bring your bees to a forest and show them where the flowers are. The bees will collect the nectar and produce honey. Honey is money. Watch for a good price in BEEDEX and then sell your honey for bee-money. With bee-money you may buy more bees, a bigger honey pot, or a larger beehive in the Farmer’s Co-op to build up your bee empire!

Some bees have bigger nectar appetite and they collect nectar faster. Guardians do not collect nectar. Their job is to protect the working bees from Hornets!

The forest map

There are different forests shown in the map. Forests with higher entry fees are more dangerous but with better opportunities. If your business runs well after end of the 11th game-week, please sign-up our the Farmer’s World Records in the Game Center.

Happy Bee Farming today!

What’s New in version 2.5?

Control Panel Facelift
This facelift is more important for iPhone and iPod touch than for iPad. It gives more space for the gameplay.

Support Game Center
It supports Game Center. Now you can challenge your friends for your hard-earned honey-money.

Support iPhone 5
Yes, full-screen for iPhone 5 and no cheating, of course.

New Characters
Jumbo Bee – able to carry 800kg honey. They are not for sale in CO-OP. They are locked up in the Jumbee Valley so you need to rescue them.

Giant Hornet – a huge hornet and is difficult to beat. Train up *a lot* of Royal Guardians otherwise there is no chance.

Inside the Jumbee Valley

Pitchers – very dangerous plants that eat all kinds of insects, no matter they are bees or hornets.

Buy more guardians

New Forests
Jumbee Valley and Penisula Giant are new! Explore!

Tutorial Mode
The tutorial will show up along the gameplay for the first game.

One More Week
Added one more game-week in the Challenge Mode.

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for iPhone and iPod touch:beefarming_iphone_icon