Bang! Bang! Two Releases in September!

We are very happy to have your visit to this web site, the first thing we want to say.

Five Deer is a mobile app company that is dedicated to develop quality games for all family members. We ensure all our games meet the rating 4+ in the App Store.

We are the author of Bee Farming, Ant’s Village, Rocky Spider and many more. Bee Farming is a very successful product. We received high regards around the world, especially the one from iPad Family in Australia who ranked it one of the best iPad games for kids. Very encouraging!

We are releasing two masterpieces in September:

Bee Farming China – a finely crafted game for the domestic China market.

Rain of Vowels – the most powerful word game we ever created.

Rain Of Vowels

Let’s get started.

Patrick Ko
Game Architect

“Never Give Up Your Dream!”